Press Release: Dea-Licious - 'Eating with Kids Series Launch'

01 April 2008


Eating with Kids - Dea Birkett Tackles Eating Out.

Dea Birkett, whose Travelling with Kids column challenged families to take to the road, is turning her family’s critical eye towards food. This month, her ‘Eating with Kids’ column is launched on award winning family travel website

‘Eating is a joy in my family,’ says Dea. ‘But eating out can be a nightmare. In unfamiliar territory, there’s often too many hurdles to simply having a stress-free meal.’ Dea and Take the family decided to join forces once more to help families make the most of their time away, and fill their tummies in the most enjoyable way.

For Eating with Kids, Dea and her family – twins Savanna and River (aged seven), and teenager Storme – will be sampling from fast food to haute cuisine, around the world, searching for the perfect place to sup. ‘If you’re not a well-fed family, you’re a fed up family. Get the food right, and you get the rest of your holiday right,’ says Dea.

‘There’s been plenty of advice, including my own, on where to stay and what to see with your family. But hardly anyone talks about that one essential element – eating. When on holiday, my kids aren’t starved of new experiences; they’re absolutely sated with culture. But they may not be able to sit down for a decent meal. Restaurants all over the world struggle to cater for families without resorting to chips and chicken nuggets.’

‘My column won’t only advise families where to go, but how to go about it. There are ways to make eating out as a family more enjoyable. And, just as we encourage our kids to have new experiences, so we should encourage them to have new tastes. It’s no good taking them to Goa but insisting they don’t eat anything spicy. Eating must be part of the holiday, too.’

‘We want to keep in touch with the experts – other families. If we share tips and experiences, together we can make eating out with a family an ecstasy, rather than an agony.’

Dea Birkett’s monthly column can be found at: Dea Birkett: Writer blog from April 2008 onwards.