Press Release: Ten New Year's resolutions for family travel

12 January 2005

Family travel specialists, Take the Family, have chosen 10 New Year resolutions (some fun, some serious) for family holidays and breaks in 2005.

1. Spend more time with the kids. Every year we all promise we’ll do it. But every year, it somehow proves trickier than we thought. So many kids, so little time. So make 2005 the year when you finally do that once-in-a-lifetime trip. Take time out. Be together. Drive across America. Travel right round the world. Spend the whole summer holidays in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. It’ll prove time and money well spent.

2. Spend less time with the kids. OK, that 12-month round the world trip is fine, making life-changing discoveries with your little ones. But let’s be honest, if you’ve only got one precious week off, all you want is a good old-fashioned rest. At, we’ve got a wide range of holidays with great fun childcare for the kids (so fun, in fact, they’ll forget who you are). From hotels and parks in the UK to resorts right around the world. And right now is probably the best time to book for the summer with amazing deals still around for early bookers. Check out's special offers page for further details.

3. Help the environment: Apparently global warming is one of the biggest threats to our children’s generation (well, apart from Bagpuss and My Little Pony). So lose the car keys for a few days at Center Parcs, where up to 25% discounts are being offered at Elveden Forest in Suffolk to
Take the Family customers. Check out Take the Family's guide to Center Parcs for more information.

4. Be more charitable: One of the best things we all can do this year is visit areas and resorts that have been hit by the tsunami disaster. Our recommended adventure holidays continue to operate to both Sri Lanka and Thailand. These countries desperately need tourists if they are to
get their businesses back on their feet.

5. Lose weight: Let’s be honest, all that Christmas excess has piled a couple of pounds around the old midriff. So take the family on an active holiday. Whether it’s climbing Vesuvius or the Atlas Mountains, 2005 is the perfect time to get outdoors and start exploring the world’s
natural beauty.

6. Be more cultured. Go to the theatre more. Well the musicals if they count. This year there are some great new shows on in the West End. Mary Poppins for one. Tickets are already selling well to see the flying nanny with the magic umbrella. But Take the Family always has first news on late availability ready to book online. Plus we can help you get tickets to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Lion King and loads more.

7. Relax. Visit a hotel with a spa, a sauna, a masseuse, a steam room, a Turkish Bath, a big Swedish woman, seaweed, sponges, a selection of expensive creams and feel all childcare concerns slowly melt away as your little ones make someone else’s life hell. Take the Family has a selection of luxury hotels in the UK that will pamper your little ones as they pamper your big ones.

8. Quit smoking. Visit Dublin, Rome or New York this year and it’s strictly no smoking in the bars and pubs. It might be tough not reaching for the fags when you’re sipping your Guinness or Prosecco but, be honest, if the locals can do it so can you.

9. Stop boozing. Book into one of the world’s most expensive hotels, stroll casually down to the bar and order a drink. Enjoy it. Then ask for the bill. And you’ll soon decide it’s time to cut down on the alcohol. Try Sandy Lane in Barbados or the George V in Paris to get you started.

10. Have more kids. Leave the nippers with the grandparents and sneak off for a long needed romantic break. Pick Paris or Venice for a weekend, take the guide book but don’t even bother leaving the bedroom. Good luck and a prosperous 2005 to you all.