Press Release: Where should party leaders takethefamily on holiday?

13 April 2005

Some pollsters ask who will make the best Prime Minister? At we simply ask where would you send them on holiday?




With the arrival of Charles Kennedy’s son, all three party leaders now have families of varying sizes and ages. So they now face the age-old problem of where to take them on holiday.

And by 5 May – after a month of campaigning – all of them will probably feel like they deserve one.

Family travel specialists are asking readers to come up with the funniest, most bizarre or most appropriate destination to send the party leaders and their families. The most amusing suggestion will win a magnum of champagne.

Simply send suggestions to our elections@ email address. Results will be announced on 6 May.

Here are some tongue-in-cheek entries we have received so far – a few starters for Number 10:

Tony Blair (Labour)

  • WMD Hunting in Iraq is very pleasant at this time of year.
  • The Blairs could nip over to Texas for a ranch-stay with his good friend George W.
  • Or do a house swap (the latest trend in family hols) with next door neighbour Gordon Brown. House swaps worldwide are known to have gone for just £29!

Michael Howard (Conservative)

  • A few days on the deserted "Asylum Island" – the one some say his party plans to use to house illegal immigrants.
  • Holiday in Finland – with its long hours of sunshine – to enjoy ‘something of the day’.
  • A trip to Shanghai to watch the World Table Tennis Championships (Michael and Sandra's favourite sport).

Charles Kennedy (Liberal Democrat)

  • A wine tasting tour of Bordeaux could help him drown any potential sorrows.
  • A week in a "Left of Center Parc" resort.
  • He could hire a cottage for a week. Or (perhaps more realistically after May 5) a couple of months.


What Take the Family would really recommend

  • Tony Blair – four children, aged 5 to 21. Take the Family would recommend Mark Warner, Powder Byrne, Esprit, or Sunsail because they have great kids clubs that cater to children of different ages. For many departures until 7 July 2005 Take the Family can arrange a free child place on a Mark Warner holiday and further discounts. San Lucianu in Corsica would be highly appropriate for the Blair family.
  • Michael Howard – two children, one step-son and two grandchildren. Take the Family would recommend a stay at Jardins do Lago in Madeira or a visit to Disney World, Florida. Both destinations do a great job of catering to three generations simultaneously. Prices at the Jardins do Lago from £890 per adult and £280 per child over two years old. These include 7 nights accommodation and breakfast, flights and transfers.
  • Charles Kennedy – with a new arrival, he’ll want some pampering close to home. One of the four Luxury Family Hotels would suit perfectly. At Moonfleet Manor, for example, the Kennedy's could enjoy 25% off their 3rd night and 50% off their fourth night through to 19 May 2005.

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