Rip-off Credit/Debit card charges

A new ban on rip-off debit and credit card charges stops airlines and other travel providers from charging their customers more than it costs them to process the payments.

According to the Office of Fair Trading, a customer paying £100 for a travel ticket could expect to be charged £0.53 pence extra if using a debit card or £2.10 with a credit card. The airline industry has traditionally been the biggest surcharger, amassing up to £350m from the practice. After an investigation by the OFT, airlines agreed to include debit card charges in their headline prices, but Ryanair and some others introduced an 'admin' fee (Ryanair has since introduced a 2% credit charge surcharge as well). The ferry industry was the next biggest surcharger.

According to the government, customers are now entitled to receive a refund of the excess surcharge.

Tiny businesses and start-up companies will have until June 2014 to abide by the new rules.